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Is being emotional the same as being out of control?

Absolutely not! Although many of us have heard and been accused of such. Being emotional is a state of having emotion. You may have a little or a lot but any time you are experiencing emotion you are being "emotional". But since when I'm emotional I can still dry my tears, keep from violent acts, make my way to the bus stop, or call for help or even yell for help...I am not out of control. As long as I am not under the earth or locked in a cell I was able to control something about my behavior. Yes we can feel strongly about something and can't make that feeling go away. Yes we can feel like my tears won't stop even in public places, but no I am not out of control. Unless you have walked in my shoes you can't really say that my emotion doesn't fit the situation and certainly you can't speak to the amount of hope I have that my situation will ever be different. Be gentle with yourself. Your emotions are telling you something...lets listen, hear and feel and move forward.



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