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Addressing Fat-tism – Fat Bias

I just attended a brief training where we were asked to take a survey about our attitudes toward size and weight. I had to acknowledge, after the survey, that I have been practicing attitudes that are very common in our culture and damaging in terms of persons of greater or lesser weight. I invite and challenge you to take the same survey using the link below. Be honest and know that our attitudes are widespread and take a toll on those we care about and those we are trying to encourage but doing so ineffectively.

Did you know that people who fall in the “overweight” BMI category actually live longer than those in the “normal” weight category? Did you know that feeling positive about your weight may be more important than your actual weight when it comes to your health? And what is the “Obesity Paradox”? l won’t keep you in suspense…it means that being “overweight” is protective against certain diseases! Look it up…Don’t worry we are all guilty of holding onto false truths!! Check yours and let’s clean up our thoughts, speech and actions.

For those interested in getting therapeutic help and living a different life with more weight check out this resource. Body Trust is a radically different way to occupy and care for your body. It is a pathway to reclaim your body and is completely counter to conventional “wisdom” about food, body image, weight, and health in our culture. Body Trust is paradigm shifting work that invites bravery and fierce body compassion offered in a therapeutic setting. Use these links for more information:

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