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Arizona Network of African American
Behavioral Health Providers


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We understand that finding a mental health provider that you are able to connect with and develop trust with can change the course of your life and help you find meaning in the midst of challenging circumstances. When you have arrived at the point of searching, you may know you want a therapist that reflects your experience in a particular way, one who can appreciate the deeper dynamics of your personality and strengths as well as the traumas and/or complicated obstacles that get in the way of healing. Sometimes this is more easily found in a provider of your same ethnic origin and shares similar cultural experiences with you. Finding someone like this can be difficult and often gets in the way of accessing care. We hope to reduce or eliminate some of these barriers by helping you connect with African American providers that are trained in areas that relate to your needs and are able to meet you where you are in terms of resources. 

This network hopes to assist this search by gathering information about each of its providers, including information about their training and expertise, the forms of payment they accept, their availability for new clients and the particular interest they have in issues that concern you. Once you complete the patient profile we will match your needs with our provider profiles and personally provide you the information needed to select a provider that better matches your needs. We will work with you once a provider is selected by you, to connect with them for that first appointment. 

There is no way to ensure you will achieve the outcome you desire, but we hope to provide an informed opportunity for you to enter into the behavioral health system of care with a loving touch, a caring attitude, and considerate effort. 

The network is a subsidiary of the Arizona Community Behavioral Health Services Fund. 

Visit the full website to understand its mission. Your support of this work is appreciated.

Join a growing Network of African American Behavioral Health Providers in Arizona!

To begin your provider application, describing your professional training and experience, click the link below.

To request assistance in finding a provider within the network complete the patient request form.

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