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We believe emotional healing is absolutely possible, dialectics are central, and collaboration is necessary, beneficial, and fruitful.


About Us

Wooten & Associates, PLC is a group practice. Inside our practice are particularly trained associates with qualified experience in sound clinical practice. Each therapist, while having their own specialized training, participates in collective trainings and supervision in order to sharpen and enhance their skills individually. Participating in external trainings is encouraged for continued professional development. Internal consultation functions to provide support and collective wisdom for the many dynamic presentations and critical needs faced daily. Every client benefits therefore from the collective wisdom of the group while skillful and ethical practice is maintained.
Our group consists of licensed psychologists, licensed associate counselors, post-graduate and pre-doctoral graduate student therapists. Associate therapists are developing therapeutic skills for the treatment of trauma-based disorders including Dialectical Behavior Therapy and exposure interventions. Graduate level students participate by observing associates, conducting evaluations and therapy under the supervision of our licensed providers. Graduate students afford us the opportunity to provide therapy on 
a sliding scale to those without adequate coverage for doctoral level interventions. This is an important 
contribution to the ongoing development of astutely trained clinicians.

Expanding Our Reach

Wooten & Associates understands that our special clinical services can help far more than those who might come to our office for care. We are seeking good opportunities to extend our services to the community and are doing so through partnerships with community mental health agencies and non-profit organizations. We currently provide clinical staff to a local substance abuse treatment agency for women, a housing project for women and their children and recently joined with a behavioral health agency for adults which enables AHCCCS eligible adults to enroll in DBT skills training group. Through these partnerships we are able to also offer the quality therapeutic service, driven by DBT principles, to sites who otherwise are unable to provide this level of care and supervision. Please call the office to learn how to receive  these services or how to partner with us to build up your clinical offerings. 

Meet The Team

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Phoenix Professional Practice serves as a training site for local and national universities. Students working toward advanced graduate degrees in psychology and counseling receive practical experience and licensed supervision by observing, co-facilitating and participating in the provision of both evaluations and therapeutic services when available. All students are required to comply with the standards of conduct and ethics established by the American Psychological Association. Clients are given the opportunities to participate in this training environment and are also free to decline such opportunities.


Gina Lang, Ph.D


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