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Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

This famous line from the movie, Rush Hour, by Detective Carter, played by Chris Tucker, humorously captures our daily frustrations and hiccups when trying to communicate...desperately trying to get other people to get it!! Detective Carter had assumed that Detective Lee did not understand English because he was of Asian descent...and what is the old adage about assumptions...

Isn’t this like many of our conversations with others? We are usually speaking with someone who speaks the same language as us, but the other person hears the message as if we are speaking a different language. Communication and interpersonal skills are critically important in getting our wants and needs met through other people. They are also necessary when needing to set boundaries and say no effectively, when appropriate. The art of getting along with others while addressing our own needs can be challenging. The goal is to use effective communication skills while minimizing miscommunication and increasing positive interactions with others.

Watch the 3-minute link below, it offers a framework that will teach you how to make requests or and how to say no to unwanted requests effectively.

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