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 Buffy T. Wooten, Ph.D.

Gina Lang, Ph.D.

LaQuita Dorsey, LAC

Pam Barnes-Palty, Psy.D.

Toni Ford, LAC

Stephanie Salisbury, Psy.D.


We believe emotional healing is absolutely possible, dialectics are central, and collaboration is necessary, beneficial, and fruitful.


Dr. Buffy T. Wooten

Dr. Wooten is passionate about interceding with others and navigating with them through painful and often undeserved circumstances to a glorious new beginning! “I have been poured into by great minds and amazingly talented people which have produced in me both vision and purpose. I am grateful for the gifts God has given me that help to encourage others in personal pursuits, business endeavors and building a life worth living.” As the originator of Phoenix Professional Practice Associate it has been my desire to create a space where both clients and practitioners feel a warm welcome and a healing presence. We have a wonderful group of independently licensed behavioral health providers who provide caring and professional interventions. This is a place where we support and encourage the artful practice of healthy psychology.  

As Executive Clinical Director of Wooten & Associates, PLC, Dr. Wooten’s primary clinical practice is providing individual and group therapy to adults with histories of trauma and abuse. Dr. Wooten has completed intensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and has been facilitating DBT Interventions and Training since 2001. She has developed a team of therapists who are pursuing expertise in DBT and implement the protocol according to the standard set forth by its author Marsha Linehan. Wooten & Associates participate in up to date trainings and research conferences and is a member of the international network of specially  trained DBT therapists. Click above to view information on the effectiveness of DBT as well as the essential components of the DBT program.​
In addition, Dr. Wooten has worked in the area of substance abuse treatment and evaluation her entire career, including providing direct clinical service in state corrections facilities. She has a wealth of experience with high risk and challenging populations. Dr. Wooten is recognized as an esteemed community advocate and speaker for mental health and mindful living while holding various supporting roles in our community. 
Buffy Wooten, Ph.D.