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Integrity can be found in mindfulness.

"Dear God, Don't let my integrity be dependent on someone else's, let it come from within and be unshakable."

DBT encourages us to evaluate our values so that our decisions will be consistent across situations and line up with who we really are. This is integrity. However lining up our decisions with who we are is in itself a challenge, right?! Figuring out who we are is a process!!!! Therein lies the need for mindfulness. It is in mindfulness practice - the practice of observing myself in various situations, learning who am I , what am I thinking and what do I really want. This also can be fleeting since across many situations our thoughts, wants and needs don't seem to line up. I say, keep watching!! You will notice over time that some themes emerge and consistent needs and wants will be seen. That my dear friend is who you are. Use that insight about yourself, those truly consistent ideas and motivations about yourself to drive your decisions. That is a reflection of your values. Do that every time in as many situations as you can. This will be your integrity.

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