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Dry Plants

Buffy T. Wooten, Ph.D.

Gina Lang, Ph.D.

Pam Barnes-Palty, Psy.D.

Toni Ford, LAC

Mimi Rodriguez, LCSW

Judith Levin, MS, APRN, RNP, CNS

Yolette Johnson, LAC

Alexis Faison, LAC

We believe emotional healing is absolutely possible, dialectics are central, and collaboration is necessary, beneficial, and fruitful.

Gina Lang

Dr. Gina Lang

Dr. Lang specializes in working with attachment issues and trauma recovery. Through the integration of dialectics, she helps clients with complicated histories and complex emotional experiences reconnect to their own unique spirit. She works well with people who are keenly aware of how their life experience impacts their current life, as well as those whose awareness is only beginning.  She incorporates practices from somatic psychology, creative art therapies and meditative-mindful disciplines along with traditional psychology techniques to co-create the

necessary healing space.  


Dr. Lang also specializes in working with small children, ages 3-10 years.  In this work, she promotes awareness, self-regulation and cooperation by blending movement and other art forms with play and family therapies. 


Dr. Lang has a particular compassion for those who experience physical discomfort that is related to unexplored areas of integration.  She utilizes a somatic educational model that includes conscious awareness of movement, sensation science, developmental anatomy, integrative alignment, guided imagery, and emotional release.


She has a surprisingly easy manner and a remarkable sense of mastery of herself and her work.

Gina Lang, Ph.D.
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