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Buffy T. Wooten, Ph.D.

Gina Lang, Ph.D.

Pam Barnes-Palty, Psy.D.

Al Ledet, Psy.D.

Toni Ford, LAC

Mimi Rodriguez, LCSW

Judith Levin, MS, APRN, RNP, CNS

We believe emotional healing is absolutely possible, dialectics are central, and collaboration is necessary, beneficial, and fruitful.

Al Ledet

Dr. Al Ledet

Al Ledet, Psy.D. is a postdoctoral resident with Wooten & Associates completing the final training and supervision for licensure as a Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Ledet has more than 20 years of experience in various clinical and athletic positions that have helped to form his vision of becoming a clinically astute Psychologist. Dr Ledet believes that diversity extends beyond ethnicity. It encompasses the diversity of experiences and perspectives that each of us brings to the table. Dr. Ledet plans to specialize in a range of performance-based interventions designed to support individuals’ pursuit of balance, well-being, growth, and development, while involved with rigorous competition.

Additionally, his experiences with adults and adolescents in general mental health and substance abuse settings, have given him a deep understanding of the importance of psychology in all life domains, and how these principles can be applied in various settings, from schools to workplaces. These experiences have taught him invaluable life lessons about self-awareness, mind-body connective work, discipline, teamwork, and resilience. From his unique perspective on performance psychology, he more clearly sees the critical role these principles play in helping individuals overcome challenges.

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