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We believe emotional healing is absolutely possible, dialectics are central, and collaboration is necessary, beneficial, and fruitful.


Dr. Stephanie Salisbury

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


This saying guides who I am and how I approach my work with clients. As you seek healing, growth, and even change, my hope is to instill the courage and faith in yourself that you seek to reach your goals. Oftentimes, taking the first step in your mental health journey is the hardest, and I am honored to help support you through such a pivotal moment in your life.


My name is Dr. Stephanie Salisbury, and I am a postdoctoral fellow at Wooten & Associates, PLC. I obtained my doctorate, or Psy.D., in clinical psychology from Midwestern University.  During my education and past training, I have worked at university counseling centers, a private practice providing services in both English and Spanish, and an alternative behavioral school for children and teens.  In these environments, I have helped those struggling with trauma, impulse control, conduct issues, depression, anxiety, adjustment, relationship and interpersonal concerns, identity-related exploration and concerns, immigration-related stress, and grief and loss. I have provided individual, group, and couples therapy, in addition to intakes, crisis intervention, assessments, and supervision of other students in training. Given this range of clinical experience, I have had the privilege of working with adults, teenagers and children. Additionally, I have been fortunate to work with individuals from various backgrounds and cultures, and I hope to continue to do so. My goal is to honor your diversity, unique strengths, and who you are as a person, while working through life’s challenges.


My approach to therapy is warm, understanding, and tailored to your needs. I believe that the foundation and often propelling factor for change is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. I aspire to create an open, validating, and constructive space for you to attune to your emotions, goals, values, and vision. To assist with this process, I incorporate various treatment modalities, such as emotion-focused therapy (EFT), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive processing therapy (CPT). Additionally, I am certified in EAGALA for equine-assisted therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), and am pursuing certification in the Gottman Method for couples therapy.


Some of my favorite areas of clinical practice include trauma, couples therapy, interpersonal/relational concerns, multicultural issues, acculturation/adjustment concerns, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, identity-related exploration and concerns, and women’s issues, amongst many others.


When I am not working, I enjoy traveling, exercising, being outdoors, and spending time with my family, dogs, and friends.

Stephanie Salisbury, Psy.D.