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Wooten & Associates, PLC

Wooten & Associates, PLC is a group practice consisting of licensed psychologists,
licensed associate counselors, and post-graduate and pre-doctoral
graduate student therapist and evaluates. 
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a comprehensive approach to therapy that focuses on increasing effective behaviors
in the areas of mindful decision making, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance. Clients are supported in acknowledging the suffering of their present and past circumstances while being encouraged to move toward freedom from suffering by building a life worth living. While clients may not be responsible for the unbearable life they
currently live, they are responsible for working to change it. DBT is the community standard of treatment for persons
diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder but its effectiveness is well established for a multitude of clinical
conditions as well for children in the development of positive life management skills.  
Dr. Wooten has been facilitating DBT skills training groups for 20 years with adult women populations in corrections,
substance abuse and private practice. She has completed the DBT Advanced Intensive Training to complete her comprehensive qualifications in this well-established modality. Dr. Wooten has a long-standing reputation for providing professional yet
loving care to those coming through deeply painful life experiences. She has completed additional specialized training
and supervision in contemporary psychodynamic interventions that to enable her to incorporate deeper insights and interpretations into the understanding of the suffering and joy our patients seek to understand.
The Success of DBT (Research findings)
  • Significantly reduces non-suicidal self injury, suicide ideation and attempts.
  • Significantly improves social adjustment among persons meeting criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Has proven an effective treatment for drug abuse among people meeting criteria for BPD.
  • Is associated with a significantly lower treatment dropout rates and less frequent hospitalization and shorter hospital stays.
  • Is effective in persons with binge eating and dissociative behaviors and in variety of settings.
  • Improved adjustment has been sustained in follow up studies up to 16 months post treatment.
  • DBT has outperformed control treatments in reducing intentional self-injury, inpatient hospitalizations, hopelessness, depression, dissociation, anger, and impulsivity.
  • DBT is an extremely effective treatment in reducing substance abuse. It is also extremely effective for keeping suicidal patients alive by helping them to gain control over life-threatening behaviors and other severe behaviors.
Socorro Counseling, Phoenix, AZ
Socorro Counseling, Phoenix, AZ
Socorro Counseling, Phoenix, AZ
The DBT Program with Wooten & Associates, PLC consists of:
  • A minimum of 6 -12 month commitment to treatment by therapist and client.
  • Weekly individual therapy focused on psychosocial assessment and skills acquisition, skills execution and resolution of ineffective behavioral responses.
  • Weekly group therapy involving didactic and interpersonal process techniques to train clients in new cognitive-behavioral coping skills.
  • Weekly Diary Cards for recording coping behaviors, both positive and negative.
  • Weekly handouts with descriptions and rationales for each skill learned.
  • Time in each group to review homework practice and obstacles that interfere with practice.
  • Four training modules: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance, and Emotion Regulation, each lasting approximately 8 weeks.
  • Phone coaching to facilitate skills application outside of the therapeutic setting.
For more information on the principles and resources associated with DBT, visit: