Melton Psychology Group, LLC

Michelle Melton, Psy.D.

Sharon Coleman, LCSW


Our mission is to create healing space for you to transform your life and reclaim your purpose.



Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being.
Our practice philosophy is social justice informed, anti-racism committed, and intersectionALLY affirming. Our focus is to support your growth into the truest sense of yourself, a state of consistent and balanced living that is experienced spiritually, physically and emotionally. In other words, the healing spaces we co-create with you adapt traditional therapeutic practices to address systematic oppression, ancestral trauma, LGTBQIA+ mental health and wellness, and the general mental, emotional, or physical plight. By adapting and applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will (1) unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life and (2) acknowledge and develop tools to navigate oppressive systems.  If you're struggling with stress, distress, depression, or anxiety, we look forward to working with you to heal, transform, and live your life to its fullest purpose.

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